Senior Manager R&D, Gold&Green Foods

Senior Manager R&D, Gold&Green Foods, Helsinki

G&G is a fresh, fast growing, award winning and firmly established food technology company based in Helsinki, Finland. G&G owns patented technology and successful products including Pulled Oats®. G&G is dedicated to produce high quality plant protein foods for the health of the people and the globe, without compromising in taste and texture. 

To support our growth we are looking for a Senior Manager for our R&D team. The person is expected to deliver outstanding contribution to technical & material research, product development, production support and IP management of G&G. 

Main roles and responsibilities are

  • Providing scientific viewpoints, judgment and solutions.
  • Creating food-related know-how about sustainability, consumer behavior and machinery etc. 
  • Conducting research-related literature, calculation and experimental studies. The experiments may be conducted in laboratory, pilot, factory, cooperative institutes etc. upon specific demand. 
  • Making innovations in food processing technology with thoughtful intention of preparing appropriate IP protection tools (e.g. applying patents, or specifying trade secret securing plan). The innovation area can be plant protein processing, food texture, flavor, smell, nutrition, color, structuring, packaging, quality control etc. 
  • Participating in product development and process development projects.
  • Managing research related external and internal cooperation. 
  • Preparing documentation related to food technology and research.


  • Education: PhD degree in Food Science is the most preferred. A proof of equivalent competence comparable to PhD degree is also considerable. Alternative fields; food technology, food nutrition, food chemistry, food physics and food sensory science are considerable.
  • Experience in publishing peer-reviewed scientific articles and/or developing patented technologies as a main inventor are needed in this position. 
  • Working experience: experience of working in food or bio-chemical industry with research related tasks for at least few years is necessary. Alternatively, experience of working in food research institutes or university as a postdoc or a higher level researcher with having outstanding cooperation experience in industrial and commercial application for at least one year is also considerable.
  • Valuable research areas can be, for example, food texture related structuring, plant protein science and technology, protein processing, protein modification, food gelation, food hydrocolloids, cereal science and technology, oat science, legume science, meat science and technology, industrial application related food chemistry, food bio-processing.
  • Business mind-set is essential in this position, as well as project management skills and ability to prioritize multiple projects.
  • Ability to learn quickly, to communicate openly and to keep an open mind in thinking, researching, developing, asking questions and sharing concerns. 
  • Ability to handle uncertainty, changes, fast pace, and multiple task management with good attitude. 
  • Ability to make things happen and inspire others.
  • Ability to fluently and precisely communicate using English language in writing, presenting and discussing.
  • Domestic and international traveling is needed occasionally. Working place is our Design Lab in Helsinki city and sometimes factory in Järvenpää

G&G provides unique and outstanding supports including:

  • International, interdisciplinary and creative working environment
  • High quality scientific and tech knowhow
  • Fostering innovation across the teams 
  • Great spirit and colleagues, possibility to grow professionally
  • Inspiring working place in Arabia, Helsinki

Join us and make the world better place! 

Apply soon, but latest October 1st.  

G&G has more than 70 employees and different facilities including office, laboratory, pilot and factory. G&G is backed up by Paulig Group. Innovations are highly important for G&G, which faithfully believes that the investment of passion and resources in fundamental research projects, deep level understanding of the material and process, fusing of interdisciplinary know-how and open-minded testing is the key to achieving true innovation, perfect products and comprehensive solutions.

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